About » Kronne Steel Corp.


The company’s primary purpose for existence is to contribute to the country’s growth by providing world class quality steel products which will ensure its business profitability and stability for generation thus helping its employees to prosper.

The Company shall be the number one manufacturer of steel products in the Philippines and in Asia and its products shall be recognized by the world over for its unwavering adherence to the highest standards of materials and craftsmanship.


Core Values

Teamwork, Honesty, Loyalty, Love for Work, Professionalism


Quality Assurance

Cutting process of metal sheets (e.g. B.I., CRS, HRS) are critical to ensure precision sizes for each product, materials ordered by the company are cut-size form already. It also saves production time by 50%.

Painting for metal preparation undergoes six (6) stages of phosphating process for anti-corrosion coating. These include solvent degreasing, chemical washing and Zinc Phosphation.

Finish coat are epoxy polyester powder base electrostatic powder coating with 60 to 80 Microns thick.

Quality Control

Each finish product should pass the company’s quality control standard. As such, each item undergoes test for maximum load capacities, working keys, adjustments, etc. As proof that all stages of the quality control process have been met, a FASCON / KRONNE sticker is attached to the product.



Kronne Steel Corporation’s services sets the standard. Customers are assured of quality service from their first point of contact, to delivery of our products as well as after-sales service.

Kronne Steel’s experienced and well trained customer service and marketing staff are ready to assist customers at all times, to ensure all user specification and requirements are met.



FASCON/KRONNE products are delivered promptly to clients by a team of professional and well skilled employees. The team ensures that the items are installed properly and in good condition.

In 1976 the company was the FIRST FILIPINO to pioneer the fabrication and introduced to the market the Lateral Design Filing Cabinet

In 1995 the company was the FIRST to pioneer the fabrication and introduced to the market the File compactor